GIS 2012

Just returned from 2012 GIS in Las Vegas.  I have little idea what the weather was nor did I, who likes to gamble, place one bet. Now that the show is two days long or should I say two long days, there is little time spent outside the concrete walls of the convention center.

This was my 39th show, having missed only two since Denver in 1971. We’ve gone through a lot of mints in that time! I have watched both our booth and the show grow considerably during that time and while the show has shrunk, our booth has not. This really does cause us to pause and consider costs vs. benefit. However, our line has expanded and the Superintendents and Dealers deserve our best foot forward.

We were conflicted amongst our personnel this year as to the traffic and interest. To me, it seemed the numbers were a bit down though in fairness, I am required to give my whole attention to our Dealer network. I do know that in the past, the Par Aide booth was the general meeting place for the MN Superintendents in attendance and that number was down significantly and quite frankly has been for a number of years.

In general the show looked great and I think most enjoy the venue though it can be argued that it probably appeals more to those who make it a guy’s or couple’s trip than those who use it as a family business/vacation. Two things can be said about Las Vegas. One, it looks very different since our last stop there and two; the town has really fallen on hard times. There are some fabulous new properties to see and visit and a number of projects that have been halted in construction, some nearly complete.

The trade show did not seem to have any buzz this year which is usually created by a new and exciting product. However, don’t take my word for it as I usually am the last to know. Next year it’s San Diego, with the trade show Feb 6-7. The following year is Orlando and in 2015, San Antonio. Hope to see you there.


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