Leach’s Libations – First Entry

It can be very easy to look at all these new trends and fads these days and think:  “But I’ve been part of this trend for WAY longer than those people!”  “I was listening to this band LONG before anyone had even heard of them!”  “I’ve been eating sushi for years before there was a sushi restaurant on every corner!”  “I started watching Breaking Bad way before you dude!”

Yes, the same can probably be said for another “hot trend” out right now that is VERY near and dear to my heart:  CRAFT BEER!  I’m the guy who would try to find Anchor Steam in college when everyone else was buying Old Milwaukee Light.  Of course I was drinking Sam Adams at a time when Michelob Golden Draft Light was thought to be the next best thing in the beer industry.  And when a new little local brewery named Surly opened up and came out with some crazy beer named Furious, yes it was me that combed all corners of the Twin Cities trying to find as much as I could.  I anticipate the monthly arrival of my Beer Advocate magazine like that long sought after Christmas present.  I routinely DVR “Beer Geeks” and treat each viewing like an event – accompanied by a fantastic beer – sometimes even one from the brewery they will be profiling . . . while drinking the beer in a GLASS from that brewery . . . and maybe even wearing a t-shirt from that brewery!  Geek!  And, yes, if a family summer vacation happens to be near a good brewery, a visit with the entire family is usually in order (as luck would have it, this summer’s trip to Grand Haven, MI yielded TWO trips to Bell’s and Founder’s!)  As Mark Dredge opines in his great book Craft Beer World:  “I am a beer geek.  I’m obsessed with the details of beer as well as the taste.  I get excited about things like hops, brewing processes, new beer releases, beer history, and beer labels.  It’s far better to be a beer geek than a beer snob – beer snobs aren’t cool.”

I’m Dave Leach and I am the Operations Manager at Par Aide Products Company.  Golf and fine adult beverages have had a long and storied association. So, with what I hope will be at least a shred of credibility and non-bandwagon jumping, I present to you LEACH’S LIBATIONS  – a semi-frequent blog that intends to discuss all things craft beer.  Specifically, national breweries that I’m very fond of, the best local breweries our Twin Cities has to offer, experiments with home brewing (which I will be sharing with you soon), and other craft beer-related events.  There won’t be many fancy abbreviations and other beer geekdom terms thrown around here – mostly just thoughts shared on great beer and great beer events!


One thought on “Leach’s Libations – First Entry

  1. Looking forward to the next innstallment of Leach’s Libations. Make sure to tweet out the link when they are live so I can be sure to catch them all as I’m now following Par Aide!

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