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Products to Employees

Does Anyone Care?

Is it just me, or are fewer people interested in doing a good job in whatever they do? At a time when high unemployment is all the talk on the news, why is it that those with jobs care so little? This summer was a time of a number of projects and my wife and […]

Employee Event, Summer 2013

It has been a tradition at Par Aide to hold a summer event for all employees. We originally played golf each year, but as the company grew it became harder and harder to supply clubs and balls. So, we started looking for alternative options. Over the years, we have tailgated prior to a minor league […]

GIS 2013

Another show come and gone. My 40th I believe as my first was in 1971 and I have only missed two since. I have watched the “show” go through a fairly stagnant stage to one of full speed ahead to a time of forlorn faces and pessimism to this year’s cautious optimism. Though this year’s […]

Wherever Golf is Played – Really.

Through the years, Par Aide or rather our logo and/or products have shown up in countless media, both print and video, non golf locations, and even retail stores. We are proud that to think that our logo not only says golf but is either recognizable enough or of enough perceived value to be worn/used in […]

Is it time to replace your Cup Setter?

It’s one of the most used products in your greens tools arsenal.  Durable, easy to use, and it does the job day in and day out.  It’s the Par Aide Cup Setter.  But when was the last time you replaced it or at least checked it for proper depth?  It might look like it’s still […]


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