82 Days and Counting

Yes, as I write this there are just 82 days left till the Daytona 500 which marks the beginning of NASCAR season 2011!  I can’t wait. It’s been almost 10 days since Jimmie Johnson won his 5th consecutive Championship in one of the closest finishes in recent years. To win 5 consecutive championships is not unlike a NFL team winning the Super Bowl 5 straight years or perhaps an even better comparison is Tiger Woods’ domination of the sport a few years back. Even if NASCAR for you is simply 43 cars going round and round for 4 hours, I hope you can at least appreciate what the 48 team has accomplished.

As it happened I found myself in Florida the weekend of the final race at Miami Homestead Speedway and only a couple of hours away. Of course, I drove down for that final race. I took a few photos but I will not embarrass myself by showing them here. Instead, I am attaching a few I found on-line of the repaving going on now at the Daytona Speedway.

The Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season each February and the track is currently being repaved, no small challenge considering the steep banking on the track. Enjoy.


Wagering has begun

The MN Vikings moved one step closer to a Feb 7th Super Bowl appearance but the real betting is not whether they can beat New Orleans and get there.  No, the real wagering is on whether Brett Favre will retire or not when the Vikings season is over!  The betting is fast and furious with the line changing so quickly that only one of the overweight guys in the dark clothes and sunglasses at a Vegas sports book can keep up.  Will he retire?  Will he retire and then un-retire? With what team?  When will he decide?  There is action to go around and the changing odds are being watched closer than a very drowsy prison guard who has carelessly left his key ring and gun within reach of the prisoner in cell 27.

After 1 of Brett's 4 TD passes

In addition to the next game there is lots of water cooler talk about who would take a retired Favre’s position next year.  In fact, the two contenders Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson were seen arguing about who was most inept at that position.  Seems Rosenfels won the argument when he accepted Jackson’s excuse for what would have been the tying turnover.  Tavaris claimed he didn’t fumble in game 3 but rather, he purposely set the ball on the ground to wipe off his hands before picking it back up and promptly being thrown for a 15 yard loss.

And so it is here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, the State that is not participating in global warming.  As for me, I am just looking forward to the GIS in San Diego!