82 Days and Counting

Yes, as I write this there are just 82 days left till the Daytona 500 which marks the beginning of NASCAR season 2011!  I can’t wait. It’s been almost 10 days since Jimmie Johnson won his 5th consecutive Championship in one of the closest finishes in recent years. To win 5 consecutive championships is not unlike a NFL team winning the Super Bowl 5 straight years or perhaps an even better comparison is Tiger Woods’ domination of the sport a few years back. Even if NASCAR for you is simply 43 cars going round and round for 4 hours, I hope you can at least appreciate what the 48 team has accomplished.

As it happened I found myself in Florida the weekend of the final race at Miami Homestead Speedway and only a couple of hours away. Of course, I drove down for that final race. I took a few photos but I will not embarrass myself by showing them here. Instead, I am attaching a few I found on-line of the repaving going on now at the Daytona Speedway.

The Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season each February and the track is currently being repaved, no small challenge considering the steep banking on the track. Enjoy.


I don’t get it

I decided some time ago that I would not comment on the Tiger situation.  However, I have to comment on the health care debacle.  I don’t get it.

Clearly the system is broken and I do believe that everyone in this Country should have access to health care.  No one is denied treatment in an emergency but it’s the minor needs and preventative care I refer to.  What I don’t understand is why have only the insurance companies been targeted?  For example:

Attorneys: do trial lawyers not create an atmosphere of fear, causing doctors to schedule additional tests and insurance companies to increase rates to cover risk?

Hospitals: is there a reason for $5 aspirins? Is it to make up for the uninsured care or simply an opportunity? Does every hospital really need an MRI machine, sitting idle because the hospital down the street also has one?

Drug Companies: does it irritate you to watch commercials for drugs that create demand when need is suspect? Why are drugs cheaper in Canada?

Patients (you and me): do we really need to run to the doctor with every ache and sniffle? Would that change if we knew what it cost us and/or had the ability to shop services?

Doctors: surely there are those who enjoy fees for service instead of results. However, considering the expense and time to become a doctor, they could be the big losers as others dictate fees.

I don’t have any answers and honestly little information on the above.  I just don’t get it.